State Of The Art Studio Designed By Malvicino Design Group

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Federico Hencker

Federico Hencker

Recording & Mixing Engineer




“It’s not just a state of the art studio based in a beautiful country, it’s a concept beyond the studio walls and the finest audio gear”


“The ability to go beyond our client´s expectations defines our nature”

A world-class studio in a unique & exotic place

Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment

Analog Sound



Solid State Logic Matrix 16 Channel input, 32 Channel for analog Mixing


Digital Workstation:

Avid Pro tools HD 2 Accel system 8 on Mac Pro eight core 24 GB Ram



1 AKG C12 VR

2 Mojave ma201 Fet

3 Sennheiser 421

2 Sennheiser 609 E

1 Beyer Dynamic M88 TG

1 Beyer Dynamic m201 TG

2 Shure Sm 57

1 Audio Technica 2020


Apogee Big Ben

Avalon 737 SP

API 3124 mb+


Millenia HV-3D

Distressor EL8-X

SSL X Logic Stereo Compressor



Dynaudio BM 15A

Hearback Technologies Hub plus 4 artist´s monitoring

4 Sony MDR 7506

AD/DA Converter:

2 Aurora lynx 32 input/output


Hard Disc Recorder:

Alesis Masterlink ML-9600


All wiring by Mogami Cables

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Studio Gallery

Studio Gallery

Raising the bar a little bit

Green Road Recording Studio Gallery

Huge dynamic range and a wider stereo image in your mixes

Proud of having the SSL Matrix at the heart of the studio, Class A pre amplifiers from API to Millennia and a selection of the finest microphones like the AKG C12 VR. Our custom made Isol Booth made of natural stone brings you the potential of experimenting new sounds, from a huge guitar sound to an awesome FX on a vocal track. Re-amping snare drums inside the room a way to go when looking for a big snare sound.

Alliances with different style producers that best suites your project

Thinking Green

We decided to work in an environment as eco friendly as possible

 Ask for a Quote

Ask for a Quote


Green Road Recording Studio Gallery

Thinking about being versatile, we are allied with different producers around the globe. Don’t be fooled by the music samples, we can take care of any genre. Looking for mastering too? We believe in the art of dedicated mastering engineers. We strongly recommend analog mastering for best results. We work with the best mastering engineers in the industry.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for pricing options


Green Road Recording Studio
San Antonio de Belén
Heredia, Costa Rica

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